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Flash Bike V1 Commuter Deluxe

Silver, Electric


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Flash was designed from the ground up with one simple goal in mind: to deliver the safety, security and freedom you need to have fun riding.

The Flash mobile APP is not required to ride a Flash. Download the free Flash mobile App on the Apple App store or Google Play Store to open up more features and settings with unlimited software updates.


500 watt geared rear hub motor powered by 417Wh internal battery.
Grip throttle and pedal assist with five levels of control.
Top speed 25+ mph, 23 - 25 mph avg top speed see examples.
Range of up to 30-50 miles per charge, see examples.
Instantly convert to Class-2 electric bike classification (top speed up to 20 mph) with the Flash smartphone app.
High-intensity 330 Lumen 7-LED headlight.
60 Lumen brake light triggered by front and rear brake levers.
Front and rear running lights provide a full 360° viewing angle.
Turn signals with color LCD touchscreen display feedback.
85 decibel electric horn.
Explore Safety Features >>
Movement-sensitive alarm with GPS tracking.
Arm system with single tap on touchscreen or with paired mobile app.
Alert notifications delivered to your mobile device.
Remote check-in on battery, security and location status via app.
Explore Security Features >>
Keyless touchscreen operation and remote check-in on battery, location and security alert status.
Bluetooth and cellular wireless connectivity included with no extra fees, account setup or subscription required.
Mobile app (iOS/Android) available as free download.
Additional Details
Lithium-Ion Battery Charger included.
Intended for use in the United States only.
Weight 49 lbs.
Bike feature demo videos available in our Help Center.
Sizing info and Detailed Bike Specs

Our goal is to make your Flash purchase easy and stress-free. Once your Flash arrives, you have a full 30 days to request a refund and return. For further details, please read our full refund and return policy.