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Osage River Trekking Poles

Black, Adjustable


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The Osage River is a 276 mile long river in the Ozarks in Missouri. Wether your trek is 276 miles or just 2.76 miles these trekking poles are up to the task.

These Osage River Trekking Poles offer incredible durability and versatility to accommodate any outdoor adventure. This pair of trekking poles are great for hiking, leisurely walks, or more demanding adventures. This package contains 2 trekking poles with carbide tips, a pair of snow/mud disks, and 2 rubber tips. These lightweight poles are crafted with aluminum and are adjustable from 26 to 52 inches long to accommodate any user. The trekking poles also feature anti-shock springs and ergonomic rubber back pistol-style grip with an EVA front grip for maximum comfort on the trail. With its user-friendly twist locking system and feathery 0.7 pounds per pole weight, these trekking poles are compatible with any outdoors enthusiast. These trekking poles will take pressure off your knees and back, improve your walking form, and give your arm muscles some exercise. Osage River Trekking Poles are a great addition to any hiker’s gear.